BattleClips! is a chrome extension that allows you to record, upload and share clips with everyone!

Currently, the extension is not approved on the chrome web store.
This means you will have to install it manually.Download the BattleClips! zip file, then unzip it.
This will create a new folder called battleclips-1.0.1
Then, go to the extensions page in chrome by typing chrome://extensions in the url bar.

Make sure developer mode is checked in the top right

Click ‘Load unpacked‘ in the top left
Then, navigate to the battleclips-1.0.1 folder and select it.
If you see the BattleClips! extension in the list, you have successfully installed it!
Make sure to ‘pin‘ the extension to your toolbar so it is always visible.
Click the extension button while you‘re playing BattlePlan! to record, upload and share clips.